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ecrire_ (that's french and no trick and pas porblem (therashment? .. punipy? - thats where this goes along here) Don't you dare to deal with this as a lie (were you beaten as a child? That might be a reason for a therapy, would have been and as all we have to go a way to see all crime as something that lacked a therapy in advance.) You have role models that want to help you to be able to believe in peace without one more victim. It will have been an accident if it occurs again. Keep calm. Mankind is so stupid I could tell Stories for decades. Exactly you are in a timespan in which you wouldn't have it in your soul yet if you want to live aggression. Try to obviate dangerous conflict as exhaustingly calm as you can. This cannot present you a firstclass airplane with a personal chef du cuisine. This is words. I don't know it myself but it must be boring and feel wrong to have had both with reports of hunger somewhere in the news. Therefor it will also be about being able to report in the news that everybody is fine.

The following is older writing about this website. Technical things. People with green propellers on yellow hats that present the new upload or the other way around - I want to kid or the other way around - "I forgot", but this is serious business I am doing and kidding always has hard work in advance (below I write yellow propellers on green hats - you will understand that later). I am not very well documented on the internet, frankly spoken. I had to be smart to bring ideas of being-able-to-think-of-no-fighting-instead-really-nondestructive-behaviour-while-being-unconstrained-as-mankind-I-am-ok-again-The-person-writing-here-is-ok. I am not well documented but you can find solid words of hope that we end prosecution and start helping each other with a state of No problem for everywhere in the solar system and by the way there are people wanting to welcome us in the universe. This is not amateuristic. This is very hard work in progress. Look and wait for good translations if this sounds strange. Again this is not unprofessional this is hard work in progress. My name is Felix Longolius becoming or being a public figure means nothing to me its about I can feel people have problems and thats why I cannot live as intelligent as I could.

Literally no one is influencing me - I am not assign by state but I know what state is by heart and there is no difference to if I was officially assigned - also by your state, also by Tschad, Monte Carlo, the US, China, Iran-Arabia, Saudi-Persia, China Taiwan or Hong-Kong near Casablanca or Quito on Equador. I am known, I am wanted. You would be a official or inofficial criminal or statesman who wants me if you had been informed of me before as somebody exactly like you was month a week or years in the past. Write a novel to an end and make every 5437th upload visible on a website
This system is starting up on tuesday, 28 years after Hungary opened its borders, 14:07h NPT at https://ecrire.t-cup.tv https://ecrire.pismo.de in a manner, that files can actually come into the hochgeladenes_published directory. I hope the website is taken over by people wearing green hats with yellow propellers.
Ok, let's make it today, 20:15 NPT, d'accord?